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Tecnologie laziali a frosinone
Tecnologie Laziali in Frosinone, was born in 1999 as an evolution of Pettorini Umberto’s artisan bodywork thanks to diligence and determination of two sons, Diego e Mirco.
A single development project : to become a benchmark on the market for the quality of services offered and the innovation of machinery used. Thanks to the persistence and seriousness of own work, on time delivery and the continuous support offered to our customers, Diego e Mirco have established themselves in the special equipment sector at airports.
The company deals with :

  • Equipment dedicated to passenger assistance (for example : boarding ladders, luggage trolleys, lifters for people with reduced mobility, luggage conveyor belts…)
  • Cargo handling equipment on aircraft : for exemple carriage for container and pallet, goods lifters, vehicles for cargo transfer and much more.
  • Aircraft Service Equipment
  • Aircraft maintenance equipment, such as vehicles for waste of the toilet, the supply of drinking water, on-board cleaning trolleys.
  • Special equipment: platforms for aircraft maintenance , mobile control towers, lighting towers both fixed and mobile and much more.

In this particular market area there is a need for a constant technological- regulatory update to ensure the safety of passengers. Our Staff, indeed, consists of qualified and experts professionals, constant updating about industry innovation to offer a complete and high quality service ensuring safety guarantees to our customers.
For any information you can contact us by phone, we will be always available.