Tecnologie Laziali





For over 15 years, Tecnologia Laziali deals with special arrangements for the Airport Handling in Frosinone. Our company has produced and produces various equipment such as : ambulifts, passenger stairs and self propelled, towed luggage belt and self propelled in the version narrow body and wide body, on request it is possible to have also the electric version. We also provide transporters and lifting platforms for the maintenance aircraft, for the airlines : Olympic Airlines, Aegean Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Alitalia, with an institutional builder of airport equipment. Instead, for the construction of airport equipment, we have adopted the employment of relevant technological constructive innovations, studied by the technical office of the company. Our staff is composed of professional experts, qualified in this industry and constantly updating on industry innovations.

The Ground Support Equipment market for Airport Handling requires constant technological-normative upgrading for the benefit of passenger safety.
Excellent production quality, we offer after-sale assistance and competitive prices on the market : thanks to many years of experience, we are the ideal suppliers for this special type of equipment.
Tecnologie Laziali , in the industry of in-flight catering, uses the same innovative technology : the Staff collaborates with the best international Caterers to offer a full service to our customers.
Tecnologie Laziali is specialized in Refurbishing of all types of airport equipment : currently , in particular in Alitalia Cargo Loaders.